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Yoga Pranayam, Acupressure and Meditation Classes with different Breathing Techniques to control all types of Diseases related all Information with classes provided by Yoga Classes in vadodara. Contact:-Bela Kulshrestha:-9898487136

For Kids, We Focus on:- Improves Public Speacking Skills, Increases Immunity, Boosts Memory, Improves appetite and digestion, Increases Concentration, Increases attentiveness

Fights against respiratory & other forms of allergies, Normalise hyperactivity of the child

For Ladies, We Focus on:-Muscle Strength and Tone, Increases Blood Flow, Improve Flexibility, Perfect Posture, Better Bone Health, Boosts Immunity, Prevents Cartilage and joint breakdown, Healing from everyday stress, Fights against respirator and other forms of allergies.

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Important Massages to all clients "Inquiry Call No is 9427363600"

Important Massages to all clients "Only Chaque is accepted in the company"
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